Plastic Surgery in New Zealand?

With its favourable exchange rate, first class medical facilities and internationally trained and recognised surgeons, New Zealand is an excellent choice for combining plastic surgery, a discrete recovery and a relaxing holiday. Plastic Surgical Masters sees and treats many patients from around New Zealand and the world. By combining modern telecommunications, thorough preparation and strict pre-operative patient selection, Plastic Surgical Masters will make your plastic surgical goals a reality without ever compromising your safety or our impeccable standards of patient care.


Before you leave

Modern telecommunications now make pre-departure pre-operative consultations simple, speedy and worthwhile. Plastic Surgical Masters will ask for photographs of the area of concern, this allows us to more fully understand your concerns and make suggestions on the best modalities for treatment. We will also be able to more accurately estimate the costs involved. If an operation is tentatively scheduled, Plastic Surgical Masters will supply you with as much information as possible to allow you to thoroughly prepare for your procedure. Where necessary we will also request certain pre-operative tests be done prior to your departure (e.g. a full blood count). This not only saves time when you arrive but also ensures you are medically fit for the proposed surgery.

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Pre-operative Consultation

Ideally, your initial consultation and any subsequent surgery would be separated sufficiently in time to give you the opportunity to reflect upon the advantages and disadvantages of the surgical (and non-surgical) options discussed at the consultation. But two separate visits to New Zealand are not always feasible. Thankfully modern telecommunications allows Plastic Surgical Masters to complete most of the pre-operative consultation, medical screening and patient education before you even arrive in New Zealand! Needless to say, Plastic Surgical Masters insists upon a face-to-face pre-operative consultation and examination the day before your scheduled surgery to ensure you have a full understanding of the proposed surgery and its implications.

Pre-operative Medical Testing

Wherever possible, Plastic Surgical Masters attempts to have patients complete any required tests approximately 2 weeks before they arrive. This not only saves time when you arrive but also ensures you are medically fit for the proposed surgery. Of course we can also arrange for all of the tests to be done here after you arrive. But if they show any anomalies requiring further investigation your surgery may be delayed.

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Can Plastic Surgical Masters Assist With Accommodation Arrangements, etc?

Yes, our office staff will be pleased to assist you with your accommodation arrangements, etc.


Will I Need To Stay Overnight In Hospital?

Most plastic surgical procedures are done as day cases. Meaning you do not need to spend the first night in hospital. Plastic Surgical Masters does however require that patients have a responsible adult with them for 24 hours following most procedures. Where this is not possible we can arrange for you to spend the first night in the surgical facility.

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Recovery Times

Patients respond to surgery differently. Most procedures are individualised to suit the patient, therefore accurate recovery times cannot be given for any one individual. Also, different patients require different degrees of recovery before they are ready to embark upon their next planned activity. We will provide more individualised information as part of our pre-operative consultation process. As a general rule, although not common, most post-operative problems occur in the first week to ten days after the surgery. As such Plastic Surgical Masters suggests that you aim to stay within easy travelling distance of Wellington for as long as possible, ideally 2 weeks.


Procedure Costs

Please refer to the particular procedure page you are interested in. All costs are in New Zealand dollars, click here for a link to a currency converting website.

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