Stylish celebrity and singer Gwen Stefani is not only well-known for her pop music but also because of her plastic surgery rumors. Gwen is a signer, a benefactor, a fashion designer, and an author. Moreover, she is also a parent of 3. However, it is quite difficult to accept the fact as she still looks like a teenager, even at the age of 50!

However, several controversies are going around the media if her beauty and handsomeness natural or she went under some cosmetic procedures. To make herself look younger by cosmetic means.

Why Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery Rumors Roses To Fame Every Time!

Gwen Stefani has already been publicly accused several times of going under the knife. Nevertheless, she still has to make any remarks regarding her plastic surgery rumors. One of the obvious reasons why her fans think that way is that she doesn’t appear anywhere close to her actual age.

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But the question is still the same “Has Gwen Stefani ever had any cosmetic surgeries in her life?”  Read this post further to discover what fact is and what just rumor is.

Gwen Stefani Before And After Nose Job

Gwen Stefani’s nose has transformed greatly. From the time back when she used to be a member of the popular and famed American band “No Doubt”. If we compare her current nose to the one she had earlier now then you can identify major changes very easily. These changes are quite visible in most of her “before and after” photos.

Gwen Stefani Before And After Nose Job

The majority of her after photos reveal to us the accurate formation and perfect shape of her nose. All these transformations are somehow pointing towards her possible nose job.

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Gwen Stefani Before And After Botox Injections

The changed shape of Gwen’s eyebrows is straight forward indicating the use of Botox injections. That might be the reason why the arch of her eyebrows has been slightly lifted. Overall complimenting her with a younger and fresher appearance than normal.

Gwen Stefani Before And After Botox Injections

Upon taking a more comprehensive look at the above of her before and after images, you will note that her face skin appears nearly 20 years younger than her actual age. Her facial appearance is still pretty much the same as it is used to be about two decades back.

For someone who is of age fifty, it is quite unnatural to not have any indications and signs of aging on the face. It appears to us that her skin is still very smooth and firm which possibly might be an outcome of Botox injection.


No matter if she had a few cosmetic surgeries or not. Her followers should not forget her remarkable contribution to English culture pop music. The significant thing is that the dilemma of her charm and beauty has still not faded. Even after going through all the cosmetic procedures and enhancements.

We have analyzed some of her before and after photos. So we conclude that Gwen most likely has gone under several cosmetic surgeries.

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