If you follow Nicole Kidman regularly then you might know that she has recently been alleged for having plastic surgery. However, this is not the only time that Nicole has been in the mainstream limelight for the rumors that she went the knife. The speculation about her cosmetic surgeries has gotten public attention many times in the past. But this time it arises due to her recent appearance on The Graham Norton show.

Plastic Surgery Might Be The Reason Behind Nicole Kidman Flawless Skin

The ultra-tight skin on a bloated face suggests that the ex-partner of Tom Cruise might have taken Botox injection. For the last few years, Nicole Kidman has been combating the aging phenomena to stay youthful and attractive. So there are great possibilities that she got secret plastic surgeries to sustain her gorgeous looks. After all, she is now appearing much younger even when she is getting aged.

Nicole Kidman Before And After Facelift Surgery

Upon carefully observing the before and after images of Nicole Kidman’s face. You will realize that her face looks both fair and natural in the before photo. Moreover, if you look at her after photo you will note that her face appears a little puffed and swollen. This is quite a considerable change in her facial appearance. For this reason, her face can’t go unnoticed.

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Nicole Kidman Before And After Facelift Surgery

All these symptoms are strongly suggesting that Nicole Kidman has possibly gone under a facelift surgery. Obviously, she wanted her face to look much fuller. To make her appearance look the same what she used to look 20 years back.

Nicole Kidman Before And After Lip Augmentation

Back in 2007 and 2008, Nicole was alleged with the lip augmentation rumors. Those years were proved to be the most defaming years of her whole career. Many of the cosmetic surgeons at that time as well as the media had started speculating rumors that she has had lip fillers.

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Nicole Kidman Before And After Lip Augmentation

It is quite obvious that such a prominent transformation in her lips is due to the use of dermal fillers or Botox injections. The above two images are telling us what’s wrong with her lips. That’s what makes it such a viral gossip.

What Nicole Kidman Has To Say Over Her Plastic Surgery Rumors?

After denying her relation with cosmetic surgeries for several years. Nicole Kidman has finally come out in 2011 to at least admit that she has had Botox injections. Furthermore, she revealed that as an actress she didn’t like the way her face looked back then. She also discloses her plans by telling that she would not opt for any anti-wrinkle treatments again in the future.

After disclosing the secret that she has taken help from cosmetic procedures. In 2012, Nicole went on to become an ambassador for Swisse. Talking about the significance and importance of good internal health, to women communities around the world.

Although age is no longer on Nicole’s side, still everybody must agree that she is among the most glamorous and elegant personalities in Hollywood.

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